Woodlings are gnomes or halflings who have grown infused with the energies of Thelanis, exhibiting plant traits from a young age.


…base abilities…
  • As gnome or halfling plus:
  • Low Light vision
  • Vulnerability to Fire
  • +7 Natural AC
  • Plant Traits
  • Slam attack 1d4 +1.5x Str bonus
  • DR 5/slashing
  • Spell like Abilities Entangle 1/day

…3rd level…

1/day Summon Nature’s Ally II

…6th level…

3/day Speak with Plants

…8th level…

1/day Summon Nature’s Ally IV

…11th level…

1/day Summon Nature’s Ally VI

…13th level…

1/day Animate Plants

…15th level…

1/day Summon Nature’s Ally VIII

…17th level…

1/day each, Control Plants and Summon Nature’s Ally IX

Woodlings are born to Half-fey Gnomes or Halflings, but no one knows why or how. At birth, the child has no outward signs of being Fey, no wings, no colorations, looking for all the world like a normal gnome or halfling. As the child grows, their skin becomes woody, their hair starts shading green and turning vine-like, and their colorations change dramatically with the seasons. Among halflings, the woodling child is considered a blessing to the parents, whereas among gnomes, woodlings are outcast from their burrows to find their own way.


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