Uldra are about the size of halflings, with pale blue skin, dark blue hair, and large, colorful eyes of gold and red. They are slender, with only four fingers on each hand and a penchant for armor and weaponry.


…base abilities…
  • Small Size
  • Movement 20 ft
  • Darkvision 120ft
  • Lowlight vision
  • Natural Scholar, Bardic knowledge with +2 racial bonus for Knowledge (nature) only
  • Cold Resistance 5
  • Frosty Touch, Free action infuse hands with cold, weapons or unarmed attacks deal +1 pt cold damage
  • Spell-like Abilities: 3/day Ray of Frost; 1/day Touch of Fatigue; 1/day Speak with Animals (caster level = 1/2 character levels)
Str -2
Con +2
Wis +2

Uldra are found only in the Feydark, and wherever they are found the ambient temperature is significantly lower. While some live up to the “icy demeanor” and “ice queen” stereotypes, the majority enjoy a simple, if brutal existence of tribal, semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers, chiefly facing off against the Outsider races. The Mountain King has changed that lifestyle for many, building a large force of Ice Knights as his personal bodyguard legion.


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