A pseudodragon has a variable coloration, from chromatic to metallic, and are sometimes mistaken for hatchling dragons, though they have prominent stingers on their tails. Pseudodragons have a body about 1 foot long, with a 2-foot tail. It weights about 7 pounds.


…base abilities…
  • Darkvision 60ft
  • Low Light Vision
  • Immunity to Sleep & Paralysis
  • Blindsense 60ft
  • Spell Resistance 11 + class levels
  • Telepathy 50ft
  • +4 Natural Armor
  • Move 15ft, Fly 60ft (good)
  • Stinger 1d3 + Poison: Injury, Fortitude DC 12 (+CON bonus), initial damage sleep for 1 minute, secondary damage sleep for 1d3 hours.
  • Bite 1d1
  • Tiny Size
Str -4
Dex +4
Con +2
Wis +2

…5th Level…

Telepathy extends to 100ft

Pseudodragons are found throughout Thelanis. They are typically lazy, but sociable creatures – because they are not Fey though, they cannot be bound by the rule of Oath, nor commanded by Noblesse Oblige. They tend to fulfill the role of jesters though, and typically know a lot more of fey comings and goings than they let on. It’s not that they’re disinterested, they are simply not motivated to do anything with that knowledge. As non-Fey, they can never become Nobles, they will never Rule, yet neither are they Commoners.


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