Hybsil are forest and plains-dwelling nomads, devoted to deities of nature, family, and insane acts of bravery. They appear as 3ft tall centaurs with the bodies of antelope instead of horses. Coloration varies the entire spectrum of browns, blacks, stripes, and spots. Males grow large forking antlers that molt in winter and grow again in the spring. They are for show only and cannot be used in combat. Females grow stunted straight or spiral nubs without branches, year round.


…base abilities…

  • Low light vision
  • Movement 50ft
  • +4 Racial bonus Survival
  • +2 Racial bonus Jump
  • Immune to ALL poisons
  • 1/day Jump, Dancing Lights, Pass Without Trace, Mirror Image (1st level caster)
  • See Invisibility at will
Str -2
Dex +4
Con +2
Int +2

Hybsil bands are found roaming the plains, forests, and hills of Thelanis, and the only Fey that dwell within the Wasted Waist. These bands roam from semi-permanent camp to camp, depending on the resources available. In the Wild, Hybsil will often act as scouts for Thorns and Nobles. Dark hybsil are often raiders. All hybsil respect bravery and daring above body count and loot.


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