Half-fey are normally the children of magically-assisted unions of a normal gnome or halfling and a fey creature. In Thelanis, they are a true-bred race unto themselves. The variations of looks among them is astounding, some appear to be blends of their heritages, others exhibit completely different traits.


…base abilities…
  • As Gnome or Halfling + the following
  • Low Light Vision
  • Immune Enchantment Spells/Effects
  • Fly 40 ft (average)
  • DR 5/cold iron
  • Hypnotism 1/day; Faerie Fire or Glitterdust 1/day
Dex +2
Con -2
Wis +2
Cha +4
…3rd Level…

Charm Person at wil

…4th level…

1/day Suggestion

…5th level…

1/day Emotion

…7th level…

1/day Lesser Geas

…9th level…

1/day Dominate person OR Hold monster

…12th level…

1/day Mass Invisibility

…15th level…

1/day Mass Suggestion

…17th level…

1/day Insanity

Half-fey are found throughout Thelanis. Descendants of the original Gnomes or Halflings summoned during the last war, they are all that is left of their racial heritages. Half-fey Gnomes are found only in the Feydark, where Half-fey Halflings are found only in the Feywild. Many of these beings still hold on to some of the traditions brought over with their ancestors, including clerical magic. While most fey tend toward nature and arcane, every Feywild Halfling village contains at least a shrine to Yondalla. Every Feydark Gnome burrow has a central temple to Garl Glittergold.


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