Domovoi are 2ft tall humanoid fey with dark, sooty skin and hairy arms. Most sport thick beards, and furry legs, chests, and backs. They typically wear cast off rags from the creatures whose homes they share. Domovoi eat charred firewood, grain, as well as rats and mice they catch themselves.


…base abilities…
  • Low Light vision
  • Fey type
  • Fire subtype (immune to fire, vulnerability to Cold)
  • Movement 20ft
  • At will Pyrotechnics (smoke cloud only) (3rd level caster)
Str -2
Dex +2
Con +0
Int +2
Wis +4
Cha +4
…3rd Level…

At will Produce Flame (3rd level caster)
3/day Flaming Sphere (3rd level caster)

Domovoi are found in both Regions, with few differences between them. A Wild Domovoi is often more polite in it’s suggestions for hearth care, cooking, and work in general. Dark Domovoi are curmudgeonly at best, but rarely shirk their duties. All Domovoi have a great respect for fire and never carelessly use it. A Domovoi who accidentally burns down their home is outcast from society, forced to join the hearths of the Outsiders.

Should the home become abandoned though, many Domovoi will ritually torch it and seek a new dwelling. This is much like committing seppuku, for a Domovoi without a home or duty is a ghost to others – respected, but largely ignored until he is figuratively reborn into a new dwelling.


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