About the Fey of Thelanis


…is split politically and physically amongst three regions.

The Feywild region consists of mostly light forests and is ruled by the Titania Queen, Illarya, who’s current incarnation is that of a Petal.

The Feydark region consists of mostly mountains and hills, mines and ice, and is ruled by the Mountain King, Mordoom, who’s current incarnation is an Uldra.

These Rulers of the Fey are effectively immortal by reincarnation; each carries all of the experiences of it’s past incarnations. When killed or natural death (after ~700 years), they repeat the cycle of childhood in another body, upon reaching adulthood though, they become the Ruler and regain access to their power. In the meantime, there is a period of great turmoil, which only the re-emergence of the Ruler can resolve. Thankfully, since the Great Truce, the Rulers have only died from old age.

Race and Region

Race plays into the regions to some extent, with Petals, Thorns, and Halflings found only in the Feywild. Redcaps, Uldra, and Gnomes are exclusive to the Feydark region. Grigs, Nixies, Pixies, Domovoi, Pseudodragons, and Hybsil are found in both regions, though each is readily identified as to their homeland.

Feywild creatures tend to be more lighthearted and playful, tempering with wisdom as they age. They dress in bright, natural colors.

Feydark creatures tend to be more dour, serious, and often mean-spirited, tempering with patience as they age. Dark, earthy colors are their style.

The Great Truce

Long ago, Feywild and Feydark made war on each other. In this ancient age, forbidden magics were unleashed, all manner of otherworldly monsters summoned, even dreaded Iron was employed freely during the era of death and destruction. Rulers were assassinated repeatedly and nobles fought each other as much as the other side. It wasn’t until a large number of fey-like mortal creatures called Gnomes and Halflings were summoned from other worlds that negotiations began. The innately teamwork-oriented creatures pleaded for peace, with many asking to stay in this land afterward.

A great swath of land between the Wild and Dark was devastated, becoming the Wasted Waist, a barren desert badland where few things Fey dwell permanently. Now, only caravans cross it under guard bringing goods from one to the other.

Surrounding the Feywild and Feydark is the Vast, a sweetwater ocean endless in it’s directions.

The Third Region

Not so much a region as it is simply called “the outside” by the Fey, these are the areas where barbaric goblin tribes live. They are many, and they fight more with each other than anyone else, but every now and then, a leader will band some together to raid Fey settlements for a short time, until the lords put him down. The high mountains, the badlands, all around the Feywild and Feydark are home to these malevolent beings.

About the Fey of Thelanis

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